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Tangram gains national recognition for life coaching program and Disability Employment Awareness Month

Tangram Gains National Recognition

Tangram is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization that creates extraordinary lives for persons living with a disability. They have several arms of the company focusing on different goals, one being their business resourcing consultation service. This arm aids in keeping companies’ bottom line where it needs to be while working with them to focus on diversity and disability inclusion with unique policies for individuals living with all types of disabilities.

Tangram also operates a life coaching program to help young adults create and sustain positive life change, working within the individual’s environment to identify and overcome obstacles that keep them from creating the life they want. They routinely work with students who have learning and developmental disabilities to get through college and life successfully.


Tangram wanted to gain more attention for their national life coaching and business resourcing programs. One major factor working against us was that while they are expanding, the majority of their work is currently located in the Central Indiana area. Getting national media outlets to cover them could be a challenge because of this. However, we had timing on our side because not only was it the start of a new school year for students, but we were also approaching October, which is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.


‘Tis the season when parents were preparing for an empty nest and high school grads were getting ready to head off to college. For those students who received extra attention in high school for a learning disability, there’s not a great road map out there for how to get the best help you can in the transition to higher education. We created a guest article titled “Top 10 Tips for Students with Disabilities Who Are Heading to College,” and began outreach to targeted national parenting and higher education media outlets, offering the article as a ready-to-run piece in addition to interview availability with Tangram staff and clients.

On the business resourcing side, we knew that disability inclusion in the workforce is quickly becoming the next great horizon in American business. Contrary to popular opinion, diversity doesn’t stop with women and minorities; it also includes individuals with disabilities. Fortunately, many companies are beginning to recognize that there are many business benefits to hiring a diversity inclusive workforce, so we offered Kathy Bernhardt, director of Tangram Business Resourcing, as an expert on the topic for interviews.


A number of parenting and higher education outlets across the country published the ready-to-run article by Tangram. The Chronicle of Higher Education interviewed Tangram and a client who had received life coaching for a feature article on its website.

Media coverage includes:

Also, keep an eye out for Tangram features on Disability Employment Awareness Month in the following media outlets:

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by Heidi Harmon

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