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Surpass the competition by keeping an eye on digital trends

Working in online media guarantees frequent change that can leave a digital marketer’s head spinning. Sometimes these alterations may be trivial, but an entire interface can change in the blink of an eye.

With just a couple of months behind us in 2017, what have we learned about where we are headed?

Three points are paving the way for a new model of online media. Buckle up, because as you know, we might change directions at any moment.

It’s still pay to play

Were you affected by Facebook’s startling announcement that their reach and impression rates were inflated?

If you run organic content on a Facebook page, you’re keenly aware of the insights involved in each particular post. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm makes it so social media managers have to stay up-to-date with everything digital, as a minor change in how Facebook delivers content can have a major impact on who sees your brand’s organic posts.

In 2017, solely sharing organic content won’t help your brand stand out amongst countless other online noise, selfies, and puppy videos. An integrated approach that combines organic social media outreach with a targeted paid strategy is now required.

If you’ve never opened your checkbook to boost a post or create an ad, you’ll want to transition to a strategy that includes paid content. Implementing a paid strategy can guarantee views or engagement to a targeted demographic, so be sure to set aside a budget to ensure that the right audience is seeing your brand on a consistent basis.

Boost your online personality by 100%

Lacking engagement rates? Sorry. But your content might be boring.

Emojis, gifs, memes, and photos are all important. Understand your brand, but know that even high-tier professional companies need to improve their voice to succeed and stand out.

If you’re simply saying, “Look at us!” you are going to very quickly be swept aside. Your audience wants engagement. By giving it to them, you can help boost brand loyalty and keep your fans coming back over and over again.

Wendy’s recently made headlines with cheeky responses and a level of sass that takes effort and walks a fine line. But they did great and improved their reach and engagement. This level of authenticity from a brand on social media is rare, as many rely on playing it safe rather than ruffling feathers. By injecting personality into their social media feed, Wendy’s was able to cut through the noise of social media and stand out as an example of stellar customer engagement.

The future isn’t exactly human

Who exactly is that person with the random profile picture commenting strange messages on your post? Well… he might not be real. While once clunky and obvious, these robot accounts are now easily and quietly blending in with the online populace.

While it’s true that these bots did aid in the spread of “fake news” across the internet, when used responsibility they can have a great – and positive – impact. Helpful Twitter bots do exist. We’ve seen bots tackle serious issues such as informing audiences in the wake of natural disasters. And we’ve seen others designed to spread joy, such as providing daily life hacks or generating art and poetry for random users.

While the job of a social media manager is secure for now, one of their roles in the future may be the creation and monitoring of AI to answer inquiries and common FAQs. As we move further into a digital world, we’ll have to continue to come up with the best ways to integrate a brand’s messaging with technology.

At Bohlsen Group, we work to integrate organic messaging, paid social strategy, real-time responses and collaboration with traditional PR efforts. Each component is important and success is tied to their synchronicity. We constantly update lists of media contacts, social influencers, and community partners to ensure increasing reach and strong networking connections. Top-tier media placements are identified in advance so we can identify strategies that will maximize the shelf life and visibility of our earned media. And we build strategic plans and marketing campaigns in a way that allows us to unite all of our tactics under a single, consistent message.

Learn more about our work and approach to unify our marketing efforts:

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