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Keeping families and hospitals close in Central Indiana

Keeping Families Close

When families are faced with a critical illness or traumatic injury of a child, the stress can be unimaginable. On top of worrying about their child’s health, there are medical bills to handle, housing arrangements to be made and the family’s mental health to consider.

One of the best ways to support a family is to create a comfortable environment for them in order to help the family be at their best for the child. This is where Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana (RMHCCIN) helps. Located across the street from Riley Hospital for Children and in close proximity to several other major hospitals, the House operates 58 rooms designated for families to stay near their children while healing or undergoing treatment. The House provides families all the comforts of home at low to no cost.

Medical research supports claims that children’s health outcomes are better when their families are close – the family-centered care approach. The House also finds that it’s best when families live in close proximity to children in the hospital, making it easy for families to attend doctor’s appointments and helping them feel that they have better access to the professionals in charge of their child’s health.

Recently, the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald House Charities have merged to become a single organization. Now, the House is able to do even more to support families in Central Indiana. The newly formed RMHCCIN will also be able to give scholarships to deserving high school students and award grants to nonprofit organizations or projects that serve children.

Bohlsen Group has recently partnered with the House to help them tell the stories of the incredible families that RMHCCIN serves and raise awareness to their cause. While the House is affiliated with McDonald’s restaurants, only a small percentage of funding for the House comes from McDonald’s. The House still relies on support from donors and other corporate partners.

Keeping families close is the cornerstone to the House’s mission to help families endure hard times together. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Indiana’s most famous fundraiser is its pop tab drive. You can participate this year on Friday, July 15, with their Pop Tab Drop event on Monument Circle. Start saving your pop (or beer!) tabs and coins now, and join them to make a big impact for the House this summer.

For more information on this event, other fundraising events and more information on RMHCCIN, visit

by Karen Hurt

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