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Research and planning and a little bit of coffee lead to implementation success

By Laura Hauersperger

Getting coffees. Shuffling papers. You know, the usual stereotypical internship tasks. Instead of those, my internship at Bohlsen Group has been filled with real-world, relevant tasks.

Maybe I shouldn’t say coffee isn’t relevant. But I think you know what I mean.

I’ve been able to participate in the implementation process for a variety of brands. I’ve learned there is no implementation without proper research, planning, and prep work that is, dare I say, of greater value than coffee.

All of the tasks I’ve assisted with while at Bohlsen Group have given me an in-depth look into the day-to-day routine of a PR and marketing firm. The prep work especially, has allowed me to see just how important it is to prepare and how this stage affects the entire implementation process.

Throughout each stage of research and planning, I was able to help with various tasks that each taught me something different. These tasks allowed me to see how everything comes together to support the implementation process and achieve a common goal.

While there are several other prep tasks that are important to implementation, conducting research and planning photo shoots were the two main areas where I was able to most clearly see the correlation between prep work and implementation.

Conducting research:

Conducting research for clients was one of my first tasks. At the start it seemed like such a broad idea. I imagined I’d be reading two inch thick research studies, packed with numbers and facts. I’m not saying that isn’t part of the research stage, but I was able to see that research for a client is so much more. I located podcasts and news articles relevant to certain topics, speaking opportunities, potential customers in a certain area and the best way to reach them and countless other quests for information.

The research I conducted was like a foundation, giving support not only to the implementation process but other prep stage tasks like social media; finding the perfect quotes, articles and local events for a client to share on social media.

Research is a tedious stage, but without it implementation is senseless.

Planning photo shoots:

Today’s world is all about the visuals. We’re more likely to read the social media post if there’s an image. Before reading an article we first look at the photo accompanying the copy. Getting great photos for a client is a key step in implementation.

I was able to help clients find a local voice through photo shoots, displaying their product at landmarks around Indianapolis. Weeks before events I’d work with Bohlsen’s social media and media relations leads to create shot lists before helping take photos around the city that would ultimately create excitement and awareness for an upcoming event.

The photos I took weren’t just downloaded onto a hard drive. They immediately became part of the implementation process. They were posted on social media and sent to local media. These photos were about more than just saving a moment; they were taken to create a buzz.

Grabbing the coffee may be essential for the public relations professional. But proper research and great visual content alongside the many other prep stages are essential to the implementation stage. Without them there is no thought, no process, no planning behind the work and therefore no success.


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