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Developing a podcast as a publicity tool

By Sara Dunco

Some people talk about Corporate Social Responsibility. Bohlsen Group is certified on it.

Over the past few years, Bohlsen Group’s strategic plan has been heavily influenced by CSR. From becoming a B Corp certified company in 2015 to developing the “Unified Marketing for Good” tagline in 2016, the decisions the company has made have been guided by the idea that they always want to use business as a tool for good.

This year, the question came up: How do we stand out in the sector? Maybe more importantly, how do we stand out in a creative way that takes us beyond just a standard blog?

That’s when we landed on the Taking Care in Business Podcast.

During my internship at Bohlsen Group this summer, I worked closely with Founder and President Vicki Bohlsen and our internal team on creating this podcast which would take advantage of our creativity and also allow us to highlight our expertise on CSR.

Through the process of brainstorming titles, researching rate sheets and booking guests, I have learned not only about the process of implementing a podcast, but also about all the indirect benefits that creating a podcast can have for a business.

Establish yourself as a thought leader in the sector

Creating a podcast about something you have a passion for and knowledge of allows you to inform the rest of the world about an area of expertise that you possess, and one that excites you too. By offering new content to your target audience, you are establishing yourself and your business as a well-rounded and knowledgeable resource while potentially exposing them to aspects of your organization they were previously unaware of.

Reach new audiences

Creating a podcast allows you to reach a group of people that may currently be outside of your established reach. For Bohlsen Group, the podcast is essential to inserting ourselves into the CSR space. Being a B Corp company that regularly focuses on not only our own CSR efforts, but also working with clients who share that interest, has helped set Bohlsen Group apart. This podcast is a tool that furthers that concept while helping us spread our story while humanizing the brand by putting Vicki Bohlsen front and center to dialogue with other organizations and colleagues that share her passion.

Elevate company collateral beyond a blog

Many times an organization’s blog page is written so that they are focused exclusively on their own industry, while a podcast opens up dialogues with more variety and depth. A podcast is a platform that offers the interviewer and the guests the opportunity to dive deep into a longer conversation that gives them more in-depth information in an informal and fun way. This allows audiences to connect in a more personal way with the host and organization than they would with a blog, which only furthers the chance of reaching new people while increasing word-of-mouth exposure.

Not every organization would benefit from having a podcast, but if there is an employee with a strong passion and personality you may have the first key ingredient to getting started. A strong voice on a newer topic can help create new collateral and connections that will greatly increase your audience.

Be sure to look for the Taking Care in Business Podcast this fall! I can’t wait to see how this project develops for Bohlsen Group in the future, and I know I’ll be listening!

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