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Aug 16 2017

The importance of having passion in PR

By Natalie Glidewell

In less than six months, I’ll be a college graduate applying for jobs and entering the professional world. I often think about what will set me apart from the hundreds of applicants with the same education, degree and internship experiences that I have. As an intern at Bohlsen Group this summer, I witnessed employees provide clients with more than your standard public relations, promotions and marketing expertise. I noticed how their professional and personal experiences are intertwined and realized a “life education” is just as valuable as a college education when working at an agency.

Each Bohlsen Group employee’s unique passions and interests benefit the agency beyond its culture. By matching those passions and interests to client needs, Bohlsen Group is able to create better ideas, write better content and generate better results. Here are three ways the vibrant Bohlsen Group team exemplifies that in their client work:

Brainstorming better ideas

Unified marketing campaigns at Bohlsen Group begin with brainstorming and conceptualizing themes. Team members gather to plan, collaborate and exchange creative ideas that kickstart client campaigns. Each team member’s unique experiences, backed by professional strategy, make ideas bounce around the room until a solid concept comes to fruition. Where one team member may lack background knowledge or expertise, there is always someone to take the lead with personal insight. This collaborative approach makes up Bohlsen Group’s outside-the-typical-agency toolbox way of thinking and produces better ideas.

Writing better content

Bohlsen Group offers content marketing and branding services, which allows team members to develop creative written content for clients. I asked Karen Hurt, Account Executive for nonprofit and corporate clients, how personally connecting to a client’s mission has helped her create better content:

PORTRAIT - Karen Hurt“One client that specifically comes to mind is the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. Their mission is essentially ‘music education helps kids be successful in the future’ and I can attest to that from personal experience. Getting behind a client’s cause makes you more excited to work with them and do work for them. If it’s a cause I care about, it’s easier to to put more time into it, write better content, and generate amazing results.”

Believing in a client’s mission and goals makes strategizing easier and your writing that much better.

Generate better results

Leaving a lasting impact on clients and the communities they serve is at the core of Bohlsen Group’s mission. Whether the focus is filling seats at a concert or advocating for community arts, Bohlsen Group employees are passionate about finding marketing solutions that meet client needs. This summer I took the lead on promoting an outer market concert that needed help boosting ticket sales. I focused on taking a unique approach to implement specialized outreach and secure ticket giveaways. My passion for live music helped me target the right people for ticket giveaways capable of generating excitement and better results for the show.

Like most of my peers looking to land an internship or job after graduation, I’ve filled up my resume with academic, professional and volunteer experience. I’m sure my experience on paper helped me land an Events & Entertainment internship at Bohlsen Group, but I’m confident my excitement and passion for events, concerts, festivals and engaging the community is what sealed the deal. Ultimately, your unique passions and interests are what make you marketable and help you create the best possible work for your clients.

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