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Four Fresh Ideas to Generate Marketing Content

Four Fresh Ideas to Generate Marketing Content

Like being in a long relationship, sometimes in marketing you have to be creative to keep things fresh and relevant when you’re talking about the same topics day after day.

The best kind of content marketing is that which informs and entertains, delivering value to your customers or stakeholders. Talking too much about your own products and services without showing interest in the other person can be a real conversation-killer.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas to help you generate new content and stories that will enthrall your audience and move them to action.

Address your audience’s pain points

Find out what makes your customers or stakeholders tick. What are the problems they face on a daily basis? Search for a common denominator. Ask people within your organization that have the most touch points with customers (sales, customer support, field personnel, etc.) what barriers they encounter or problems their customers discuss the most.

Once you have these pain points outlined, create marketing content that 1) acknowledges and empathizes; and 2) provides a solution to those problems.

What do you know?

When planning content, think about the assets that your organization has. It could be people who are knowledgeable in their fields, videos or artwork, resources, or data. A lot of organizations are sitting on caches of data that they don’t think is valuable to anyone but themselves. However, complex data can easily be broken down and presented and repurposed in interesting ways. Likewise, think through how the other assets that you have can be repurposed, or people leveraged for the valuable expertise that they have.

Give your customers a peek behind the scenes

You work hard to make your final product or service look like perfection to customers. Nonetheless, showing the process at work can help build anticipation among customers and help them connect with your brand on a deeper level. Look for ways to show progress, such as:

  • Build excitement for an upcoming event by showing preparations
  • Show a teaser image of a new product launch
  • Interview your leadership team
  • Make a video showing a behind-the-scenes peek of something customers wouldn’t ordinarily see

This strategy can also generate more consistent conversation when your organization may only have a few big events or launches per year.

Create the Content

If you find yourself in a real content rut, sometimes it will fall to you to make interesting things happen even if it isn’t in your job description. Plan an event. Give something away. Create a challenge. Go for a world record. Don’t be afraid to suggest ideas to leadership and other departments within your company for campaigns that you believe will have a big ‘wow’ effect on your audience.

by Mandy Bray

We’re an integrated communications agency specializing in events & entertainment, nonprofit, and corporate marketing. We’d love to see how we can help you get started on your next content calendar or strategic communications plan. Contact us!

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