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Experience the Waterways with Bohlsen Group’s Newest Partner

Reconnecting to our Waterways

For millennia, waterways have been the lifeblood of human civilization. In the modern world, especially in cities, they are often overlooked from both functional and aesthetic perspectives. The vision of Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW) is to reconnect the people of Indianapolis to our major waterways, embracing cultural, economic, and educational opportunities along revitalized community spaces and in the neighborhood around them.

Here at Bohlsen Group, we look to partner with organizations that are making a tangible impact in the community. At the beginning of 2016, we were thrilled to be approached by ROW as their new communications partner for media relations and online media. Since working together, we’ve grown a deep appreciation for their hands-on, collaborative approach to solving real problems for real communities within our city.

Last month, our team attended ROWport, ROW’s annual meeting on April 15. ROWport 2016 consisted of a community celebration and interactive art experience, with six local artists telling ROW’s story by creating an art experience throughout the event. ROW Executive Director Corrie Meyer, Deputy Mayor Jeff Bennett, and Big Car Collective Creative Placemaker Alan Goffinski all spoke. Attendees had the chance to explore pop-up art aligned with PLAN 2020 goals for ROW’s six waterways.

This year’s ROWport took place at the renovated Barth Avenue Bridge amphitheater along the Pleasant Run waterway, one of the focus areas for ROW’s quality-of-life initiatives. Over the past two years, this underutilized green space has been transformed by ROW and the City of Indianapolis with the installation of a new pedestrian bridge, stone amphitheater seating in the greenway, native landscaping, and art sculptures. The interactive experience extended into the weekend with the Wind & Water Fest on the same site on April 16, a neighborhood event with elements including kite making and flying, free food, and a slowest boat race.

To learn more about ROW’s work and upcoming events, visit their website.

by Mandy Bray

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