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Communicating Impact Beyond Measures: Celebrating 30 years of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir

30 Years of the Indianapolis Children's Choir

What is the best way to commemorate an individual and organization that has had an immeasurable impact on Central Indiana’s young people for 30 years? How do we make people realize that the Indianapolis Children’s Choir is about so much more than just teaching children the art of singing?

That was our challenge in working with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s 30th Anniversary season. The ICC was not just celebrating 30 years, but was also celebrating the retirement of their founder and artistic director, Henry Leck. One of their big goals was to raise the organization’s profile in Indianapolis to celebrate this milestone. Bohlsen Group employed several tactics to increase the visibility of the ICC in this landmark season.

First, we went to work to create a brand for the 30th Anniversary season. We had in-person interviews with ICC leadership, reviewed past materials and collected anecdotal data from various stakeholders. From this information, we created a set of brand guidelines for both visual and written communications. The 30th Anniversary brand was designed to communicate the organization’s impact Beyond Measures, driving home the point that the ICC’s impact is more than just in music education.

Then, we set out to tell the ICC story with a robust and interactive e-magazine.

We interviewed ICC alumni and staff to tell their part of the ICC story and why the organization is so meaningful in the Indianapolis community. The e-magazine lives on the ICC website and is interactive, so the ICC’s staff can use it on tablets or phones for use with prospective donors or corporate partners. By focusing on the importance of the ICC to individual singers and to Indianapolis as a whole, we were able to arm the ICC with a powerful tool to communicate its influence.

Another important aspect of our partnership was through media relations. We set up interviews with Henry Leck, the outgoing artistic, with the Indianapolis Star to announce his retirement and with various music education publications prominent in the sector. We also set up performances for the ICC in advance of their concerts. Throughout the season, we set up opportunities for Leck and his successor, Josh Pedde, to interview with local print and broadcast media, as well.

We also advertised for the ICC’s concerts on social media, through digital advertising and in traditional advertising channels. The ICC was very visible throughout Indianapolis throughout its performance season. Because of our work on the brand, all of the communications were visually consistent, creating more brand recognition for the choir throughout the city.

In their 30th season, the ICC recorded higher attendance at all of its concerts than it had in previous seasons, including sold out concerts for their holiday concert and 30th Anniversary concert. The ICC had a season of increased visibility and success, setting it up for a successful start to its next chapter.

by Karen Hurt

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