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Up to the Challenge: Amplifying the voices of teachers


American College of Education

When you know there’s a better way for teachers to be their best and a better way for universities to treat students, that vision creates a powerful business strategy. Those two goals fuel American College of Education, an online university exclusively for teachers.

ACE recently contacted Bohlsen Group for help with its media relations strategy. When we heard about their goals and the great work that they do for teachers, it became clear that a partnership was a natural fit.

We started by interviewing many of ACE’s key staff, students and alumni to determine just what makes American College of Education so special. What we found was that the school is exactly what it says it is: completely dedicated to doing the best for teachers.

One of the things we’ve heard from ACE over and over is that the more teachers learn, the more their students learn. All of their work is guided by how they can improve the state of American education and the experience of students by investing in their teachers. Ninety-two percent of their senior academic team has a direct K-12 background, and all of the coursework is designed to fit around a teacher’s busy schedule.

ACE also understands the financial realities teachers face. The college works diligently to keep tuition as low as possible (often 1/3 that of competitors) for teachers both today and for the future. Their tuition is significantly less than that of their competitors, and they have actively decided not to take Title IV funds. ACE has found that these loans can end up being incredibly expensive for teachers in the long run, and they would rather keep that money in teachers’ pockets.

After the Bohlsen Group team learned all we could about American College of Education, their goals, and how they’re impacting teachers every day, we constructed a plan detailing their most impactful messages, which of their stories we felt we could tell best and who we could leverage from their network. It became clear that the best people to tell the ACE story were teachers themselves. ACE alumni are creating exciting projects and curriculum for students, researching how they can be more effective at their respective disciplines and creating lasting, positive changes within their schools.

Now, we get to passionately tell the story of incredible educators all over the country and how American College of Education is making them stronger. ACE doesn’t just say they support teachers; they truly have walked a mile in a teacher’s shoes and do the hard work to make teachers the best they can be.

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by Karen Hurt


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