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Brackets for Good helps Bohlsen Group be a business for good

Brackets For Good Helps Bohlsen Group be a Business For Good

I happily get up and go to work everyday for a few reasons: I am responsible to my team and deeply care about each of them; I want to do right by the clients that we represent; and I want to show my gratitude for these two things by having a giving and caring attitude that extends beyond that. Our business model is geared to the triple bottom line: people, revenue and community. With that business model, Bohlsen Group strives to be a force for good and align our company with others who share that goal.

Our partnership with Brackets for Good, a charitable organization that helps generate awareness and financial support for nonprofits through online fundraising tournaments, is a reflection of that. Throughout this year, we have been working to promote the 2016 Brackets for Good tournament in the participating markets, as well as implementing a series of pro bono projects for a few of the division winners.

Brackets for Good was created to draw much-needed attention and awareness to nonprofit organizations of all sizes. It started in Indianapolis in 2012 with just a handful of organizations, has expanded into a few more cities each year, and will continue to do so every year. This means that hundreds of important organizations from all over the country receive a portion of millions of dollars specifically raised to help them grow and thrive.

Before getting directly involved with Brackets for Good, we had a pro bono program in place for many years, but I was never satisfied with how few organizations we were able to help through it. In 2015, we had a few clients participate in Brackets for Good, and I was absolutely blown away by the genius behind this online fundraising tournament. A few months after it ended, our own Andrew Hayenga came to me after he had already received interest from the brains behind Brackets for Good for us to come on board as a partner. Our involvement with them was all Andrew, and it was an absolute no-brainer that we would align ourselves with the organization.

Through our work with Brackets for Good, we are able to contribute to the growth of nonprofits across the country, and we are also able to expose our team members to new ideas, projects and the importance of community. After the tournament ended, our efforts continued this year as we offered a consultation to the final four winners in each participating city.

All of the organizations are so grateful for those pro bono consultations, and that is deeply satisfying. In one example, the leadership of the Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association told us the pro bono experience with Bohlsen Group went above and beyond expectations, providing his organization the opportunity to remake its approach to communications outreach and further its mission. This is the kind of impact we want to have on organizations – driving them towards greater success. What they don’t realize is how impactful the work was for Bohlsen Group’s growth as a company, allowing us to develop our processes and do some team building along the way.

I think Brackets for Good is one of Indianapolis’ gems, completely aligned with Bohlsen Group’s desire to be a force for good. We look forward to growing alongside Brackets for Good for many years to come!

by Vicki Bohlsen

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