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Bohlsen Group celebrates 7th anniversary, a new look and a brand evolution

2017 marks a year of change for Bohlsen Group!

In March, we moved into our own customized office space on the 6th floor of Pan Am Tower in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis. To coincide with our move, we also rolled out a new, evolved brand that better showcases every area in which Bohlsen Group excels.

To cap everything off, we’re happy to announce a brand new look to!

Led by our Creative Director, David Cordell, this past fall we began identifying areas of our business that we wanted to shine a brighter light on. To mark this occasion, Founder and President Vicki Bohlsen sat down with David for a look behind the scenes at the process and insights that led to our updated look!


Vicki:  So, I’m dying to know. When we hired you as Creative Director about eight months ago, did you know then that you wanted to update the Bohlsen Group brand?

David: There were things in the old logo – the talk bubble and the resonating rings – that represented “communication” to me. But I just wanted to modernize the look to make it a little more utilitarian since that logo was created when you first opened the company.

Vicki:  Right. And we were BohlsenPR when we opened in 2010. When we moved from our first office, which we outgrew in the Morrison Opera Place, to the Pan Am Tower, we took that opportunity to rebrand to Bohlsen Group. But, with the logo, we simply changed the “PR” in the bubble to “Group”

David: Moving is always a good time to update, rebrand and make those kind of changes, since assets need to be reprinted. And you changed from BohlsenPR to Bohlsen Group because you felt the “PR” was limiting – right?

Vicki: Exactly. We felt being identified solely as a PR company was not representative to potential or current clients. We were implementing tactics that were either outside – or perceived to be outside – of the “PR scope” for our clients.



Vicki: What inspired you in creating our new logo?

David: I didn’t want to lose the essence of the logo. But I did want to give it a more modern, updated look. I also knew the iconic logo would work better for us with social media platforms. We do so much social media for our clients and I wanted to represent us well as we counsel our clients.

Vicki: And, then, there’s the new website. What was your mojo for this?

David: Mojo! Well, I wanted it to be cleaner, brighter and more succinct. I also wanted it to be reflective of our new positioning and our move into new space. I am super pleased with how the website seems to just go hand in hand with how I feel we work – collaboratively and energetically. These traits are now reflected in everything about our new look, from the space to the branding to the website.

Vicki: Yes. I do feel you’ve accomplished that. It’s funny, too, because the website and the new office were happening simultaneously, but you did manage to capture the essence of the two and merge them so well. I really like the fun responsiveness on the site!



Vicki: What are some of the elements of the website that stand out for you?

David: I, particularly, like how we can aggregate all of our content from our social media platforms into one page. And, I felt it was hard to really see the work we do on the old site. We do so much fun stuff, with so many great clients from all over the country, and I wanted that to be simply streamlined on our new site. It kind of hits you in the face.

Vicki: And what do you think of the new space?

David: I think it’s cool and fitting of who we are. The space is really different from before. It’s so bright and open and energetic – I love the art gallery wall and the way we repurposed so much from the old spaces. I think it is a reflection of how we work both internally together and externally with the community and clients. It screams who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Vicki: And we do “unified marketing for good.” I won’t forget when you, just weeks into working here, presented this to me as the description of what we do. I wondered why I didn’t think of it!

David: We’re full-service, but what does that really mean? And we’re integrated, but that term is overused. I wanted a unique way to describe who we are and what we do. And “unified” represents how we work with each other, clients, other agencies and the community. And the “for good” can be interpreted in several ways that matter to all the stakeholders of Bohlsen Group.


Special thanks to all of our partners who made our new space possible:

Commercial Real Estate: Mary Beth Kohart of CBRE

Site Design: Axis Architecture

Site Interior: Axis Architecture and Indiana Business Furniture

Construction: Marksmen Construction

Art: Jason Zickler

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