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Behind the Scenes with Bohlsen Group – What Makes the Company a Success

The people at Bohlsen Group are a mixture – a mixture of talents, experiences and personalities. Yet somehow, this is what makes the company work.

When a variety of creative minds work together to brainstorm an idea, this often achieves stronger results than minds that all think alike. With this in mind, I spoke with team members who focus on a variety of tactics, from digital media and creative services to media buying and media relations, to get a better idea of how each individual works to guide their own efforts while also bringing tactics together to create unified campaigns that achieve success for our clients. And while each person excels in certain areas, at the end of the day, they all come together to build on the successes of the other, creating a company that knows how to work, and definitely knows how to play.

Jordan Overton directs the digital side of Bohlsen Group. As the Director of Online Media, Jordan is tasked with guiding the team’s entire digital strategy, ensuring that a unique strategy can work for each specific client. He says this is one of his favorite parts about his role.

“Every single client has a different voice, whether that be academic or more of an arts focus,” he said. “It’s exciting to be able to adapt my skills to the specific client we’re working with, and it’s never a boring job.”

The fast-paced excitement of Bohlsen Group seems to be a recurring theme throughout the entire team, as Account Manager of Media Buying, Christina Saenger, also thrives in this ever-changing environment.

In her role, Christina leads all media buying for Bohlsen Group, jumping between events & entertainment, nonprofit and corporate clients on a regular basis. Within her role, it’s common for Christina to simultaneously be managing budgets for local restaurants, a variety of nonprofits, and nationally touring music acts. She said this nature of her work is what appeals most to her.

“I like the variety of the job,” she said. “There’s always something to do, and I have the ability to switch over to different tasks as quickly or as slowly as I want.”

While Bohlsen Group has always worked to ensure that everyone is achieving the same goal, this idea really took hold with the introduction of Creative Director David Cordell.

This past fall, David took on an important role in the evolution of Bohlsen Group’s new brand and logo, creating the slogan, “Unified Marketing for Good.”

“We knew we wanted more inclusion in terms of working together,” he said. “And the ‘For Good’ component explains who we are a little bit better. Obviously we have some clients that are ‘for good,’ but our team also does a lot of good for the community. Unified Marketing for Good defined what we are, and who we are!”

Account Manager of Media Relations, Heidi Harmon, works with many of those ‘For Good’ clients. She says this gives meaning to the work she does everyday.

“It makes me feel good that we have clients that are genuinely doing good in the world,” she said. “We always want to align ourselves with those people.”

Speaking of people, everyone I spoke with at Bohlsen Group was quick to bring up the great relationships they have with their coworkers. With a mixture of interests and passions, each team member is extremely different, but all very much alike, which creates a more dynamic environment that often leads to them building real friendships outside of the office.

Additionally, Jordan pointed out a very key benefit in these strong relationships – trust. Everyone here trusts their colleagues’ skill sets and work ethic knowing that what they’ll get is quality, effective and timely work from each person. This creative, fun and relationship-focused atmosphere is what led David to Bohlsen Group in the first place.

“You don’t make moves for a job just to make moves,” he said. “When I met the executive team here I thought they were fun, but you could also tell they were driven. They were living what Vicki [Bohlsen] was preaching,” he continued. “We do good work, and we have fun doing it.”

Throughout my time here as an intern I have had the distinct privilege in experiencing this culture for myself. I have grown to respect and appreciate not only the work Bohlsen Group does, but also the team effort that exists. The people and the positive experience I had made me want to stay with Bohlsen Group even after my internship was completed. I am very fortunate to say I will be starting full time after I graduate! I’m excited to continue to learn from the people here and to grow professionally as well as personally.

By Paige Liston, Bohlsen Group Events & Entertainment Intern

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