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A Beer with Bohlsen’s Best: Spencer Hotz

A Beer with Bohlsen's Best: Spencer Hotz

Each month, we highlight one Bohlsen Group staff member who represents the best of our work and the culture here at Bohlsen Group, and let you sit down for a virtual beer together. This month’s honoree is Account Coordinator Spencer Hotz, who handles strategic planning, media relations, and social media for clients.

Over the past year, Spencer has been integral to developing the approaches and deliverables that comprise the strategic planning discipline. Through those efforts, he has worked with clients across divisions, including Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Endangered Species Chocolate, and Spirit & Place.

Everyone who has worked with Spencer has something wonderful to say, from how hard he works to his impressive ability to lead an entire team. All of their feedback comes down to one statement I heard in two separate meetings this week: he is a great person to have on your team.

If that isn’t enough, Spencer does this all while aiding Bohlsen Group marketing efforts, coordinating our employee continuing education program, and acting as the unofficial BG “social chair.” He really is an integral part of what we do here and his work and positive attitude are appreciated.

Beer of Choice?

Could there be any more of an impossible question?

All Chandler Bing references aside, I do love craft beer and with so much out there I’m constantly… I mean regularly, trying new ones. As a Michigander, I have a soft spot for anything from Founders Brewing or the strangeness pouring from the aptly titled Oddside Ales. For Indiana, 3 Floyds’ powerhouse beers, over-the-top artwork and consistently delicious collaborations with great bands makes them the brewery after my own wicked little heart.

How do you know you’ve had a successful day?

The days I leave the office most content are the ones where I know I did something helpful for someone else. That can be the big ones like finding out a client is happy with a strategic plan I poured hours upon hours into, so now they feel they have a clear vision forward. But, I also find it equally satisfying knowing that I was able to help a coworker in even the smallest ways like brainstorming a pitch headline or trying to figure out whatever dumb change Facebook made today. The world is a stressful place, so anytime I can alleviate at least a little bit of that for someone I chalk that day up in the win column.

Current obsession or inspiration?

My current obsession is my life’s obsession—MUSIC. I would lose my mind if I went a day without music in my ears. This past January the #MetalBandcampGiftClub campaign started on Twitter. The idea is that folks with a profile on Bandcamp can purchase and send albums as gifts to each other. It’s been amazing watching total strangers spend their hard-earned dollars on one another; bond over a common love of obscure music; and directly support the bands they enjoy. It’s grown to the point where people have shown genuine compassion offering help to folks going through a hard time even though they’ve only just met on Twitter. I LOVE IT!

Favorite thing about working in the PR/Marketing industry?

I’m not a cat person, but like a feline fiend I’ve always had an insatiably curious nature. PR and marketing are great for this simply because clients come from every facet of life including the realms of food, education, health, non-profits, musicians, authors and much more. From our authors alone we touch on pretty much every subject known to man and then many I wasn’t aware existed. Every day brings new perspectives and questions, which makes my curiosity purr with satisfaction.

Cause you’re passionate about?

My greatest involvement with a charity at this point is probably with Movember. A testament to marketing, my desire to participate was more with their mustache-growing program and less with the cause itself. I enjoy having a beard, but many of my family members, friends and coworkers don’t particularly like it. I incentivize donations by saying I’ll shave off one section of beard each week throughout November if a certain goal is hit— a reverse Movember if you will.

It makes me photo-ready for Christmas, lets me have some outlandish facial hair and most importantly raises a good chunk of money for a fine charity. You can view my past profiles here.

Best advice you’ve every received?

If you couldn’t tell by the rest of these questions, I’m a bit of an oddball. While many shy away from their quirks or try to hide them, I’ve always been encouraged to embrace mine. I grew up watching the “Twilight Zone” and one of my all-time favorite quotes comes from the episode “Eye of the Beholder.”

The protagonist states, “Why would I want to be like everybody else? Isn’t that the same as being nobody?”

That always just sounded right to me and now I get to help find ways to apply that mentality to our clients, which is pretty exciting.

by Vicki Bohlsen

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