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A Beer with Bohlsen’s Best: Karen Hurt

A Beer With Bohlsen's Best: Karen Hurt

Each month, we highlight one Bohlsen Group staff member who represents the best of our work and the culture here at Bohlsen Group and let you sit down for a virtual beer together. This month’s honoree is Account Executive Karen Hurt, who facilitates the work and communication between our nonprofit clients and our specialized leads, ensuring that goals are met.

I have had the opportunity to watch Karen grow and become an integral part of Bohlsen Group’s success pretty much from its inception. Karen interned in 2011 and was a stand-out!

After her internship ended, she moved to and worked in Chicago before moving back to Indy to join the team more than four years ago. Karen was hired as a publicist to work in our Author Publicity Services division. Soon after hiring Andrew Hayenga to run the nonprofit division, Karen moved into a nonprofit coordinating position that ultimately led to her most recent promotion to Account Executive, Nonprofit.

Today, she has a full platter of nonprofit client accounts that she leads. Her proficiency and professionalism in this area has helped showcase our expertise to current and future clients, which has helped grow our client roster. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow and excel over the years. She is no doubt a positive influence to us all.

When telling Andrew that I wanted his thoughts on my desire to name Karen the employee of the month, he had this to say:

“I wish that everyone on the team had the opportunity to work closely with Karen on a client account or a specific project. Given our work together in the early days of the nonprofit division, I likely understand her value to the company better than anyone, and I do wish everyone could be exposed to her kindness, professionalism and supportive nature. I know I look up to Karen as an example of how to be a great practitioner, service provider and teammate, as do others. She’s certainly deserving of the honor.”

Andrew couldn’t have said it better; Karen is very deserving, indeed. Thank you, Karen, for all your contributions to Bohlsen Group!

Favorite beer?

I’m usually drinking red wine, but from my brief time living in Chicago, I’ve gained an appreciation for Goose Island’s Sofie.

What’s your current obsession or inspiration?

I’m currently obsessed with paper planners. As someone working full-time, pursuing an MBA, and attempting to keep my life together, writing things down on paper and making it look pretty has been really helpful. I’m currently using a Day Designer by Whitney English and an Erin Condren Life Planner. Not only are they functional and gorgeous, but I love that both products represent companies started by women who saw a need, created a great product to fill it, and started a successful business. They both engage with their customers regularly online, too, which I love.

Favorite thing about working in the PR/Marketing industry?

I love that we have the ability to affect what people think about. Especially working with nonprofits, I think we’re really lucky to be able to direct people’s attention to some of the amazing people and organizations working to improve our city every day.

How do you know you’ve had a successful day? 

I love knowing we’ve made a client’s day easier! I feel like our team is an extension of our client’s team, so when we’re able to do something well that a client doesn’t have the capacity or ability to take on internally, and we have great results to show for it, we’ve all won.

What’s one nonprofit or cause that you are passionate about or volunteer for? 

I’ve volunteered for Girls Inc. since 2013, and I love the work they do. Girls still receive messages every day that it’s not cool or okay to be smart or pursue their dreams. Even with just an hour a week, I hope that when girls leave a Girls Inc. session, they know that they’re more than what others say about them, that pursuing their education is worth the effort, and that there’s a community rooting for them to be successful.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“I think a lot of people dream. And while they are busy dreaming, the really happy people, the really successful people, the really interesting, powerful, engaged people? Are busy doing.” Shonda Rhimes

What’s something that people are surprised to learn about you?

I am known for my general dislike of the outdoors, but I did take a Biology of Spiders class to fulfill my science requirement in college and loved it. It included finding specimens of 10 different types of spiders for the lab requirement, so I was out in the park, crawling behind walls, or in basements finding all kinds of spiders for my collection for a whole semester. Spiders are really interesting! And I’ll do just about anything to get a good grade.

by Vicki Bohlsen

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