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3 B Corp Initiatives that Guide Bohlsen Group’s Company Culture

Throughout my time as an intern at Bohlsen Group, I have realized the importance of working attentively and confidently. I have learned to listen, observe, and be highly organized in my interactions. My role as an intern has required effective time management, dedicated leadership, great listening skills, and the ability to overcome setbacks quickly, respectfully, and thoroughly. It is also where I have developed a sincere joy for building relationships and trust with my colleagues and our clients. I truly enjoyed engaging with various clients, understanding their needs, and being able to provide solutions to their problems as well as bring their visions to life in every way possible.

One piece of knowledge that I have gained from my experience at Bohlsen Group is the importance of integrity in the workplace. Integrity is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles” as well as, “the state of being whole and undivided”. While there are many ways in which I feel that Bohlsen Group embodies integrity, our B Corp Certification is by far the most impressive. B Corp is a movement that seeks to redefine Corporate Social Responsibility. It requires an organization to strive to be the best it can be not only from an entrepreneurial standpoint, but from a philanthropic standpoint as well.

Our mission is to positively impact everyone we touch: clients, employees, and the Indianapolis community. A B Corp Certification can be expressed in a variety of ways such as volunteering in the community, philanthropic donations, or employee health and wellness. To ensure company success and well-being, Bohlsen Group makes an effort to implement B Corp initiatives in some way, shape, or form every day:

Community Outreach

With paid independent and company volunteer opportunities, Bohlsen employees are both encouraged and rewarded for volunteering with community organizations whose missions are near and dear their hearts. I have seen this through employees working to become nonprofit board members to leaving the office during a lunch break to go volunteer. Not only is this inspiring, but it is amazing to see how passionate our employees are for different causes.

Employee Wellness

With standing desks, a treadmill, and exercise balls as optional desk chairs, Bohlsen Group employees do their best to stay active despite being in an office for 40 hours a week. On days when three cups of coffee was not enough, I often retreated to the office treadmill in the hopes that endorphins would sharpen my focus! With ongoing incentives and monthly prize winners, the Bohlsen Group team is a big fan of rewarding each other for exercising a healthy mind and body. Though I may still be bitter about not winning a prize during my time here, the friendly competition creates a fun and interactive company culture.


At Bohlsen Group, we like to take care of the Earth. We only have one planet, so we must be kind to it! With office recycling bins placed all around the office, recycling is made easy. In addition, employees are rewarded for choosing to bike or walk to work. As an intern, I know I did my fair share of recycling. Whether it was carrying 50+ pounds of paper to a recycling plant or simply walking an extra 10 steps to throw my soda can in the recycle bin, the little changes go a long way in benefitting our planet!

Having a positive company culture is what keeps business moving and growing. Though I am sad to be ending my time as a Bohlsen intern in a few short days, I know that this company has left me with experiences that I could not have gotten anywhere else. To learn more about how Bohlsen Group became B Corp certified, click here.

By Amanda Eagle, Bohlsen Group Corporate and Nonprofit Intern

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